Meet The Jules

Monel Jules was born on August 17, 1975 in Limbé, the second largest city in the northern region of Haiti. He is the youngest of five children (two brothers and two sisters) in a Baptist family. Monel attended the Collége Evangélique Baptiste du Limbé (1980-1988), where he earned a Certificate of Primary Studies. He continued studies at College Notre-Dame du Perpetuel Secours du Cap-Haïtien (1988-1995) and then earned his pastoral license at North Haiti Christian University (1995-1999).

Monel conducted research for two years (1999-2001) towards a Master's in Theology. During that time, he was extensively involved in Sunday school outreaches and wrote a great deal of material for the Baptist Convention of Haiti. After beginning his master's studies, he was invited to serve as Assistant to the Rector in Systematic Theology. He served as assistant professor from 2000 to 2002. Upon receiving his master's degree, he has served as the professor of the course up to the present.

At the beginning of the academic year in 2004-2005, he was appointed vice-dean of the theological faculty, where he served until 2008. Simultaneously, he was admitted to Bakke Graduate University of the Ministry, formerly known as Northwest Graduate School of the Ministry, in Seattle, Washington, for doctoral studies. He graduated in Seattle with a Doctorate in Ministry on June 6, 2009. Today Monel serves as Dean of Theology and professor of Systematic Theology, Leadership and Church, and Communities Engagement.

Joselie Dorméus Jules was born in Limbé on January 6, 1979, into a Baptist family of four children – one boy and three girls (of which she is the third). Joselie attended primary school at Collége Evangélique Baptiste du Limbé (1983-1990), and then continued her secondary studies at College Christ-Roi in Cap-Haitian, Haiti (1990-1997). She pursued her doctorate in the Dominican Republic, where she was accepted at Universidad Central del Este, San Pedro de Marcoris (1999-2004). She returned to Haiti and married Monel on March 18, 2005. Joselie received nutritional training through TRANSNUT, a program affiliated with the Université de Montrບl. Following training in Montreal (October 2007), Joselie conducted research on location in Port-au-Prince, where her study was entitled The Transitional Nutritional Problem of the Urban Haitian (January-July 2008). Joselie currently works for the Eben-Ezer Community Hospital in Upper-Limbé, Haiti.

The Jules family lives on the campus of North Haiti Christian University with their daughter Amy Laetitia Moneilie and their son Joey Andrew Monel.